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To reface or replace, that is the question!!

I’ll put it in it’s simplest form.  Take a look at your kitchen right now as it stands. 

It’s probably dated and doesn’t have the colors/styles that you desire. 


First. ask yourself a couple of questions:

     1. Do I like the overall layout,  or are there only minor changes that need to be made to the layout?

     2. Are the cabinet boxes structurally sound? Hint: the older the better. 

        This isn’t always the case,  but is a good rule of thumb. 

         If you’re still not sure,  it’s no problem!  Ask me and I’ll guide you in the right direction.




If you answered “yes” to the questions above,  a custom cabinet refacing project may be the option that’s right for you.  If not,  we’ll just have to build you a beautiful kitchen from scratch.  I guess you win either way!


Please feel free to schedule a FREE consultation,  and I will absolutely provide the best solution right there with you!  


Click HERE for a free consultation.

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